Tuesday 17 December 2013

New website ready for testing

Call to all who use our current external public website (and to those who like testing new things).

Could you please test the proposed new version of the Devon and Cornwall Police website

and complete the website survey that can be found at this address http://www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/websiteSurvey.

The web team would really appreciate your time and your feedback.

Thank you :)

The survey will be up until the 17 January 2014.

The survey

The survey asks that you locate certain types of information and then grade how easy it was to find the information, and so you will need the survey and the website open at the same time.

The new website is mobile and tablet friendly but just to check we have asked the question 'what did you use to view the site?' and 'were there any problems?' We would also like to know if there were any issues in the browser you were using. If you use a screenreader to view the internet please tell us how the site performs. I have had a look at it in 'Webbie' and a blind user has given us some very useful feedback but the more we receive the better we can make the site for everyone.

We will be publishing the results here on this blog in the new year.

The site

The site as I have said previously is all about getting you to where you need to go efficiently and hopefully the survey will highlight any problems that still need work on.

Not all pages have been created. Those that have display content taken form v4 and it was correct at the time. Please refer to the current site for the latest information.

The techy stuff

The site has been coded in HTML5 and uses some CSS3. The CMS that we will be using is Umbraco. The site will use JavaScript but the final version will display all content without JavaScript needing to be enabled. This may result in the content page being overly long or occasionally the content being spread over a couple of pages.

The site is designed to work with screen-readers but any problems you are experiencing please let us know.

I thank you again and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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