Thursday 30 October 2014

Name a puppy

Are you or do you know an under 16 year old who would like to name a C litter puppy and is good with a pencil, brush or mouse? Then please read on...

Christmas will be here before we know it and within the Corporate Communications department our thoughts have turned to the Force Christmas card... and we thought it would be a lovely idea to hold a competition with the prize of naming a C litter puppy and to spend an hour with Paul, Ruby and her seven puppies at their home near Exeter. 

If you would like to take part... 

You will need:
  • One piece of A4 paper or card and some mark making objects for example, pens, crayons, paint, glue & paper. (Please don't use glitter or glue objects to the paper that give it depth - we won't be able to scan it and therefore use it)
  • or if you prefer a computer and an art program of your choosing. (Please save all digital art work as a jpeg under 5mb.)
  • and lastly your imagination to create a fabulous image for the Force Christmas card that includes a police puppy reference somewhere within the design.
and then you need to write on a separate piece of paper or within the email...
  • Your suggested puppy name (Must begin with the letter C)
  • Your contact details (including your address) and your parents or carers contact details, or if doing it through a school, the school address and teachers name.
  • Your age
and then please...
  • Post all A4 paper cards to Corporate Communications, Devon & Cornwall Police, Police Headquarters, Middlemoor, Exeter. Devon. EX2 7HQ.
  • If you want to keep the card please scan the card and save as a jpeg no bigger than 5mb and email to websitemessaging, we will be unable to return cards.
  • Email all digital art work saved as a jpeg no bigger than 5mb to websitemessaging
Please note: If as part of your art work you use a photograph of someone please ask their permission and if they are under 16 their parents or carers permission.

How is the winner chosen?

All the cards will be looked at by the Corporate Communications team and five will be selected for our Chief Officers to select a winner. If many card designs are received then three from each age group will be selected and shown to the Chief Officers and they will select one form each group and we will have three winners.
The age ranges
  • under 8
  • 9 - 13
  • 14 - 16

What happens to the design?

The chosen design/s will be used as part of the Force electronic Christmas card that Officers and staff can send out to members of the public and the Force's partner organisations. The artists name, age and location (and or school) will be published under the image on the completed card. (If we have three winners Officers and staff will have three cards to choose from.)

Your prize

The winner/s will be able to visit Paul and the puppies with their mum Ruby to name the C litter puppy. You will get to spend up-to an hour with them and will have the opportunity to ask Paul any questions on training police dogs, or about dogs that you might have. We will email or telephone to arrange a date.

The rules

  • You must be under 16 or under
  • You must live in Devon Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly to enter
  • The name for the puppy must be suitable for a working police dog and begin with the letter C
  • The design must have a Christmas or seasonal theme that includes a police puppy reference somewhere within the design.
  • All entries must reach us by the 26 November 2014
  • If you are unable to visit the puppies within a short period after the competition closes Paul will select the most suitable puppy to have your suggested name.
  • Officers and staff family members may take part
  • Schools and colleges can take part and if they include the name of the school within the contact details that will be published on the electronic card if one of their pupils is a winner.
Good luck to all and here is the latest (28/10/2014) video of Ruby and her puppies the C litter.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Devon & Cornwall Police Google analytics for 01 - 30 September 2014


The number of people (Users) who visited this site: 60,240

Visits (sessions): 91,412 (the number of visits to the site those 60,240
 users made)

Page views: 235,3320

Page visits (Pages / sessions):  2.57 Avg.
Visit Duration: 00:02:03
New Visitors: 48,515 (53.1%)

Returning Visitors: 42,897 (46.9%)

Use of Site Search

visits without site search: 96.7%
visits with site search 3.3% (3,038)

Top 10 search words from site search

lost property
police puppies
work experience
lost property

Top 10 search words from external Google search

devon and cornwall police
devon and cornwall police jobs
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special constable
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Most popular site pages/sections:

Current vacancies
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Join us Special constable
Important changes to vehicle tax

Behaviour - engagement – how long they stayed

Visit duration        0 – 10 seconds           53,301 visits

Visit duration        11 – 30 seconds          7,443 visits

Visit duration        31 – 60 seconds          6,919visits

Visit duration        61 – 180 seconds        10,740 visits

Visit duration        181 – 600 seconds        7,704 visits

Visit duration        601 – 1800 seconds      4,453 visits

Visit duration        1801 +seconds              852 visits

Traffic source

Organic search : 47.7%
Direct 24.88%
dlvr / twitter 8.66%
bing / organic 3.48% / referral 2.71%
yahoo / organis 1,86% / referral 1.85% / referral 1.01%
intranet /referral 0.92% / referral 0.89%


desktop: 44,833 - 49.04%

mobile: 31,427 - 34.38%

tablet: 15,152 - 16.58%


A list of the mobile devices used.

Apple iphone
Apple ipad
Samsung GT-19505 Galaxy S IV
(not set)
Samsung GT-19300 Galaxy S III
Samsung GT-18190N Galaxy S III Mini
Samsung SM-G900F Galaxy S5
Amazon KFTT Kindle Fire HD 7
Samsung GT-19195 Galaxy S4 Mini
Google nexus 7


Internet explorer – 23,042
11.0 – 8,994
8.0 – 5,773
9.0 – 4,574
10.0 - 2,766
7.0 – 807
6.0 – 125
4.0 - 3

Other browsers

Safari: 24,070

Chrome: 22,778

Safari (in-app): 9,026

Firefox: 5,428
Android Browser : 5,367
Amazon silk: 894
Blackberry: 259
opera: 237
i.e. with chrome frame: 115