Monday 18 November 2013

The new Force website update

The focus of the design is where do you want to go and lets get you there as quickly as possible.
This link takes you to the new Force testing website  which will re-size to any device so please test on your mobile and tablet and let me know how it behaves!

The site is nearly ready for some focus group testing, the News, Contact, Crime Prevention and the Local policing site has been created. The Local policing site is being looked at by the Local Policing teams and so far the feedback has been quite positive, although I don't think they are looking forward to the retraining!

The site is not overly populated with content as the purpose of this testing site is for internal staff to see how their section is going to look and for members of the public to test it's useability.

The site works well in all modern browsers I've tested in.  And is usable in the dreaded IE6, although  I will need to do some more robust testing.  The site needs to function in IE6 as from the Google monthly stats we can see that a few of our site users are still using it!

If you come across a problem please let me know and in which browser and version the problem accured.

I'm presently working on the About section and then will return to the Support & advice section.

Hope you like what you see, but if you don't let me know.

Until next time

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